Poetry and Art


By Mr. Shakespeare


The four letter word that no one can ever define.
The feeling of which you feel that can endlessly defy time.
Look within yours and all you see is the butterflies.
Why do I feel this way that is the question right?
The eyes for which you get lost in all like their in a maze either you run towards the feeling or you run away.
The feeling that can either make or break you the reality of your love will come to you sooner or later maybe not today.
Got you on my mind never thought I’d lose control of my thoughts.
Everything I think is about you no doubt. Your beauty that I can’t deny too much for me to face it.
Phase me with that smile I’m paralyzed by those eyes
now I’m stuck inside myself dear God.

I wanna feel your touch of warmth and comfort.
The meaning of love is much more than the universe.