What I’m Angry About


By Roxas Timmons


Today I’m angry about the fact that for an art school, students seem to be incredibly closed-minded. A lot of students tend to mock and make fun of things that are different. As artists, we are supposed to embrace different, no? I came to school the other week with spiked hair. It was pretty extreme (and poorly done) but I had a lot of fun finally doing something like that. I love incorporating ridiculous things in my outfits. The thing is, I am constantly mocked and made fun of for the way I dress. People sometimes “sneak” pictures and videos so they can make fun of me on their Snapchats. This has happened many times before in this school, even when my Goth-ness was toned down. I was verbally made fun of, and people had the audacity to grab my hair without asking. I’m not here for that. I’m here for people being able to express themselves in a safe space without rude people stifling their creativity. You don’t realize that you are bringing people down.

Another thing: the transphobia and homophobia I have heard over my years here are a little bit crazy. My trans friends can’t walk into the bathroom without either a comment or people shrieking “THERE ARE GIRLS IN THE BOYS BATHROOM!” Trans people have existed for ages, I don’t understand the urges to make a huge scene. When I tell someone that my pronouns are they/them/theirs, I get all sorts of comments. “That’s not grammatically correct.” (It actually is) “Why can’t “she” go by she, it’s easier” (it’s easier for YOU, not for me. You want an excuse to not change one simple thing in your vocabulary?)

People have said things like, “You can’t be a guy, you’re too pretty” and that’s so incredibly ignorant, it’s baffling. Listen, it’s not that hard to respect people, especially if they are willing to respect you in return.  I don’t blame them for all of the ignorance, I blame society and the systems in it. You need to realize that you are bringing people down.

As artists, we should embrace different and be open-minded to things you aren’t used to. As people, we should respect different and be open-minded to things you aren’t used to.